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CADWorx, CAESAR II, PV ELITE University 2011



New Incentives!

Student discount: CAU2011 student discount is offered in August, students pay $75 for 1-day entry
One-day pass: is offered to all those who wish to attend 1 full day of classes, $795
SPED discount:  $200 is offered to all current SPED members 


The CADWorx® Plant Design Suite is a comprehensive suite of design tools including piping, structural steel, equipment, intelligent P&IDs, and design review, plus automatic isometrics and bills of material. In addition CADWorx has bi-directional links to CAESAR II® and PV Elite®. At CAU2011 we will continue our tradition of offering CADWorx classes that enable users to, not only work smarter and more efficiently, but also open them up to innovative ways to improve workflow and leverage existing CADWorx capabilities they may never have known existed.

As one attendee said, "What I learned today paid for the whole conference." Yes, attendees think this conference is that good!

CADWorx@CAU2011 attendees qualify for 2-month free online training. Details

Who should attend: Why you should attend: You will learn:
•AutoCAD® Users •Gain valuable experience quickly •Efficient project setup & management
•New and experienced users •Lectures and hands-on labs •Advanced 3D modeling
•CAD design managers •Learn from experts & developers •Advanced 2D deliverable creation
  •Improve engineering/design coordination •ISOGEN setup & optimization
    •Building specs for real project success
    •Leveraging intelligent P&IDs
    •And more…click here for course info


Since its introduction in 1984, CAESAR II® has become the world's most widely used pipe flexibility and stress analysis software and is a complete solution for quick and accurate analysis of piping systems. CAESAR II also has bi-directional links to CADWorx®, greatly improving engineering and design effectiveness.

At CAU2011 you will find multiple classes and hands-on labs, were you will learn techniques and best practices, that will not only show you how to use CAESAR II more efficiently, but how to become a better and more effective engineer. With classes being delivered by the best in industry, representing 100's of years of knowledge, you will receive years of know-how in only a few days. CAU2011 is experience accelerated!

CAESAR II@CAU2011 attendees qualify for up to $500 off 5-day CAESAR II training. Details

Who should attend: Why you should attend: You will learn:
•Piping engineers and designers •Gain valuable experience quickly •What's new in CAESAR II 2011
•Safety & maintenance officers •Lessons from industry experts •Piping analysis best practices
•New & experienced engineers •Learn from experts & developers •Static and dynamic analysis
  •Learn from developers •Creating ISOGEN stress iso's
  •Develop real-world effectiveness •Fatigue analysis
    •Common analysis mistakes
    •And more…click here for course info


PV Elite® provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators, and inspectors with solutions that match their pressure vessel and heat exchanger design needs. The software is user-friendly and is ideal for the intuitive design of both new and existing pressure vessels & exchangers, and has bi-directional links to CADWorx.

By attending CAU2011 you'll take a positive step toward becoming a better engineer, regardless of experience. Nowhere else lets you gather, and engrain, the depth of pressure vessel and exchanger design knowledge that you will find here. Classes delivered by ASME committee members, program developers, and those with decades of international practical experience let you take your pressure vessel design to the next level!

PV Elite@CAU2011 attendees qualify for $300 off 3-day PV Elite training. Details

Who should attend: Why you should attend: You will learn:
•Vessel & exchanger engineers & designers •Gain valuable experience quickly •What's new in PV Elite 2011
•Fabricators and inspectors •Lessons from industry experts •Vessel design best practices
•New & experienced engineers •Learn from Indusrty experts •Heat exchanger design
  •Learn from developers •How to re-rate existing equipment
  •Learn what it takes to be more effective •Code effects on design
    •Codes: ASME VIII-1 versus VIII-2
    •ASME Section VIII Division 2 Basics
    •And more…click here for course info