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Why CADWorx

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CADWorx Plant Fact Sheet

CADWorx Brochure

Intergraph CADWorx PLANT suite supplies the most complete range of tools for hassle-free 2D/3D plant design. Intergraph CADWorx PLANT gives users a flexible environment and an easy to use interface with powerful live database links. See below for CADWorx 2014 New Features.

  • 2D and 3D Piping
  • Structural Steel
  • Equipment
  • Ducting/Cable Trays
  • Automatic Isometrics
  • Piping Specifications
  • Bills of Material Creation
  • Export to External Database
  • Bi-directional Links to Stress Analysis
  • Automated Stress Isometrics
  • Intergraph CADWorx Equipment
  • ISOGEN (Automated Isometric creation tool)
  • Model Review and Walk-through
  • Live Database Links


Efficient Plant Design

CADWorx Plant Design allows for quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models. Because CADWorx models are AutoCAD based, they offer unparalleled flexibility and collaboration.

Structural Steel and Equipment

Powerful and intuitive structural steel and equipment modeling capabilities are included to provide the most complete plant models.

Ducting and Cable Trays

In addition to steel and equipment modeling, HVAC ducting and cable tray routines are also built in. Square, rectangular, round and oval shapes, with transitions, are all available.

Piping Specifications

Hundreds of ready-to-use specifications in metric and imperial formats are included that reference data files of over 60,000 parametrically-driven components.

Automatic Isometrics

Automatic isometrics can be produced from piping layouts or project databases. CADWorx Plant Professional includes ISOGEN for automatic isometric production.

Collision Checking

CADWorx Plant Professional offers built-in clash detection. Collisions can be detected in the current model and also against any externally referenced files. Options allow clashes to be reported 'on-the-fly' or at any time during the design process.

Database Links

CADWorx Plant allows users to create accurate, user-configurable bills of material in the most popular databse formats. The optional live database links in CADWorx Plant Professional provide real-time design status and valuable information backup.

Model and P&ID Synchronization

When used in conjunction with the live project database, CADWorx Plant Professional allows for intelligent component checking against project P&ID's that were created using Intergraph CADWorx P&ID Professional.

Walkthrough Capabilities

CADWorx Design Review is included for model review and true 3D design collaboration.

Links to Stress Analysis and Stress Isometrics

CADWorx Plant has bi-directional links to Intergraph CAESAR II®, the world's most widely used stress analysis package.

ECE Design sells, supports and trains companies on the Intergraph CADWorx Product Line. ECE offers the following sampling of services to assist our customers in reaching new levels of automation:

  • Linking Plant Drawings to a Database
  • Creating 2D drawings from 3D Models
  • Automating Isometric Drawing Production
  • Streamlining Revision Controls and Releasing Drawings
  • Automated Weld Counts
  • Reporting

CADWorx 2015 Release Notes

Apply Change Data Rule Updates
  • You can turn updates on or off for Layer/color in the Apply Change Data Rule. You can change the updates in the Pipe Rules section of the CADWorx Plant Setup.

Male and Female Threaded Needle Valves

  • You can create threaded needle valves with male threaded by female threaded ends.

Routing Mitered Elbows

  • You can route mitered elbows using the Miter Elbow Buttweld elbow type or from the component List. Make sure your specification has a Mitered elbow clickRoute and then select elBow type on the command line to receive the Mitered Elbow Buttweld option.

Cross or Tee with Reducer

  • You can now insert a cross and a tee with reducers. The software bases the size of the component on the connected branch of the other component. Use theBranch tab to set the Straight Tee/Cross + Reducer option. Then, set the Apply Branch Table Rule to Automatic for CADWorx to check the branch table and provide the Cross + Reducer and Tee + Reducer options.

Skewed Piping

  • You can create skewed piping and set a maximum angle for the skew with the Apply Skew Pipe Maximum Angle rule. Set the Apply Skew Pipe Maximum Angle rule in the Piping Rules of the CADWorx Plant Setup. The setting you set here determines the maximum angle allowed when drawing a skewed pipe. Click Route, and then select sKew on the command line to draw a skewed pipe.

ISOGEN Configuration Panel

  • You can use the ISOGEN Configuration Panel in I-Configure.

Override Custom Data

  • You can type a value in Default Value of the Custom Data tab in the CADWorx Spec View palette to override the custom data from the Specification Editor. If you set up custom data with the List option, you can select an item from the Default Value to apply it as an override.

Select List of Custom Data

  • You can select from a list of items when editing custom data in the Component Custom Data dialog box accessed in the Component Edit dialog box. You can also do the same in the Custom Data dialog box accessed in the Global CEdit dialog box. To accomplish this, you must create custom data using the new List option available in the Specification Editor.

Short Description for Material List

  • When setting up a user defined material list in the ISOGEN Configuration panel, you can now use the attribute name -80 to display the short description column with text wrapping when running ISOGEN Out.

Curved Piping ISOGEN

  • You can generate isometric drawings for curved piping by setting the Threshold in ISOGEN Configuration to greater than 0. Generate these drawings by creating an adjustable bend, setting the ISOGEN Data dialog box SKEY to PB** (** designates a valid ISOGEN end type), and then running ISOGEN Out or ISOGEN Batch.

SYSVIS Updates for Taps

  • You can turn visibility of TAPs on or off in the system layer with the SYSVIS command.

Swage End Type Descriptions

  • The software allows descriptions of end types for swages. Set the PipeDescriptionCat variable to 125, or 6 for swage end types to display on the long description.

Change Size Updates for Tees

  • You have more options when you use CHANGESIZE to change the size of a tee.

O-Lets on Tangents

  • You can insert O-Lets on the tangent of a bend or an elbow.

Moving Components

  • You can move and connect Socket and Threaded components to straight buttweld components. The software automatically deletes all extra welds.

Copy Nozzle Generic Attach

  • You can now copy the nozzle generic attachments with the applied xdata.

Custom Data in MSSQL database

  • The software now includes the custom data fields in the MSSQL database.

Deletion of Steel Components in Database

  • You can delete all components or not delete all components with SDBAUDIT.

Repeatability Return in Isogen Configuration Panel

  • You can now enable the Repeatability return report in the I-Configure ISOGEN Configuration Panel. This feature was controlled by the RepeatFile option in the previous version of I-Configure. Enabling the repeatability report defines start and split locations for consecutive ISOGEN outputs. Set the ISOGENSetting variable to control the import of the repeat file data. The number of sheets then adds to the ISOGEN Data dialog box.

CAESAR II 2014 Compatibility

  • You can use CAESAR II 2014 when exporting a CADWorx model to CAESAR II. Set the version of CAESAR II in the CAESARIIVersion variable.

CADWorx 2015 Specification Editor Enhancements

Bolt Part Numbering

  • You can add bolt length tables and bolt diameter tables to the Size Tables folder using the options Add Bolt Diameter Table and Add Bolt Length Table. To set the part numbering in the Specification, select the bolt length and bolt diameter tables in the Specification Properties.

End Prep Part Numbering

  • You can add end prep tables to the Miscellaneous folder with End Prep Table on the Add Table panel. To set the part numbering for end prep, select the end prep table in theSpecification Properties.

ISOGEN Symbol End Types

  • You can select the ISOGEN symbol for end types in the New and Edit Component Pane.

Added New Schemas in Descriptions

  • You can use the index code table fields, the OD_RED_SIZ_TBL, and the DESCRIPTION_CMP_TBL schemas in your long, short, tag, and part number description formats.

Select List for Custom Data

  • You can create a pull-down list of items for custom data.

Multiple Rating and Classes

  • You can add Component ClassTemperature Rating, and Pressure Ratings for StartEndBranch 1, and Branch 2 end points for components.

AutoCAD Plant 3D Import Improvements

  • Improved the import of the AutoCAD Plant 3D specifications and catalogs.


CADWorx 2014 New Features

  • The Pipe Support Palette has been changed to reflect the new Specification Editor Pipe Support changes and the use of dynamic pipe supports. This option also enables new pipe supports on tees.
  • Tees can now be converted to crosses after routing by using the grip point on the main of the tee.
  • Reducers can now have branches routed from the side with the added grip point.
  • Multiple components can now move simultaneously by using the MOVECOMPONENT command.
  • Tubing can now be stretched and routed from, similar to other pipe.
  • Center of Gravity has now been updated. All center of gravity calculations can be completed within a single dialog box. For more information, see C.G. Generator (on page 146).
  • Generic Attach has been updated to include the BOM Mark Point and the CG Location, enabling you to select a point for the Center of Gravity.
  • Gaskets, Bolts, and Welds have been enhanced for appearance. They now appear as they would in a real world environment when in enhanced mode.
  • There have been ISOGEN identifiers added to the ISOGEN Export Options for user shapes.
  • You can now set a minimum spacing rule for the O-Lets.
  • You can now have custom data that is attached to components appear in the data. As well as isolate components based on this custom data.  A Custom Data button has been added to the Component Edit dialog box and the Global CEdit dialog box.
  • You can now review changes you have made to a database when you synchronize by setting the SyncOnStartUp variable to Synchronize with Changes Review.
  • You can now set the Routing Mode in the CADWorx Plant Setup.
  • You can now isolate the reverse of the selected items in the CADWorx Line View palette. You can also manage your isolation in the Line View Isolation Properties Manager added to the CADWorx Line View palette. You can set the file created in the Line View Isolation Properties Manager to a default by setting it in the LineViewIsolationSettingsFile variable. This also allows you to isolate based on custom data.
  • You can now break pipes into segments and change segmented pipe to non-segmented pipe.
  • You can now change the elevation of placed piping in the drawing.
  • You can now generic attach for nozzles using the ENGENERIC command.
  • You can now enable the RepeatFile in ISOGEN which enables start and split locations for consecutive ISOGEN outputs. Set the ISOGENSetting variable to control the import of the repeat file data. The number of sheets is then added to the ISOGEN Data dialog box.
  • Intersecting piping components can now be converted. Options are presented to you when a piping component crosses another component. If you selected None from the list, you can use the CONVERTINTERSECTEDPIPINGS command to convert the intersecting piping.
  • The MOVELINE command has been added to the documentation to reflect its availability in the software.
  • Continue Routing has been updated with information to enhance documentation for ease of use in the software.
  • The Change Size topic has been updated to reflect the changes to the software for pipe supports. You can now change the size of a pipe and the pipe support changes with it.

CADWorx 2013 New Features

Improved Routing

CADWorx 2013 features all new pipe routing capabilities that drastically cut down the time it takes to model your piping systems. To save even more time during routing, when a pipe run has an offset or changes direction, the software prompts the user with multiple routing options that make piping sense.

Quicker Modifications

Making changes with CADWorx 2013 is a breeze! You can now grab a segment of a pipe run and drag it to a new location, and all of the components in that section of line move with it.

Move Items effortlessly with 'Drag-lock'

Want to move a flanged valve to another part of a line? The exclusive 'drag-lock' feature allows you to drag that valve past any other in-line component, even through elbows and changes of direction. With drag-lock you don't even have to change your UCS, and even the flanges, gaskets and bolts come along for the ride! We know modifications are a necessary and often time-consuming part of what you do and -- CADWorx just cut that time in half!

Better 'Cats' and 'Specs'

The new catalog and specification editor allows for efficient and structured creation and control of company and project piping specifications. These tools also make it easier to include or save specifications (specs) with a project upon completion or hand over.

Change Size

You no longer have to redraw a line because it has changed size. A couple of clicks and the routine starts its magic. But it gets better, and that is because changes are not made arbitrarily if a proposed change creates multiple options, the program seeks advice from the best mind it knows -- yours -- to make the final selection.

Change Specs

You can now change the piping spec of any line at any time. With this capability, items in the old spec are exchanged for new items in the substituted spec. Items stay connected throughout the process, eliminating connectivity problems and the need to redraw!

Rules Based Piping

CADWorx 2013 now has the ability to build into the design process optional piping rules. Though powerful, these rules also allow the designer to override them in special cases. This vastly improves the overall design integrity by allowing companies to apply design standards that control how the system is built but also allows the flexibility needed to produce the best possible design.

Piping Branch Tables

Intuitive pipe branch table creation introduces the special ability to quickly add branch rules to piping specifications. This eliminates the guesswork in these connections and enables designs to conform to company or project standards.

More Intelligent Assemblies

This latest release adds the ability to develop and save assemblies of components. These assemblies can be built from any combination of components and then reused parametrically in the future. Users can build a library of standard assemblies that can then be reused by any project member. This saves time and money while boosting accuracy through standards.

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